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I have used MS products for over twenty years and the experience continues to get worse. I just purchased a refurbed machine and it came with Windows Ten. It was after the purchase that I discovered I needed Office 365. So, being blocked out of using Word and Excel without it I bought it. WOW, $150 dollars! That is more than I paid for the computer. So my choices were buy a one year subscription for around $70 or a permanent one for the $150. I chose the permanent version because I don't want to go through the harrowing experience of loading an MS product every year. But I find out with the permanent version of Office 365, I will loose Outlook in a month. (I could have had Outlook for the 1 year term.)

When I attempted to setup a gmail account, I was told that I cannot use my existing Microsoft account to do that. I will be looking for a NON Microsoft product for my email account.

You guys have a monopoly and you're acting like it. You are the most unaccountable company I have ever dealt with. Your product are definitely overpriced (yea, yea I know, what the traffic will bare) for the performance that they provide.

Windows 10 is a nightmare. The entire human interface is like trying to figure out a time consuming puzzle. Could you please look up the term, "user friendly"? Or perhaps I am talking with a machine here. Well, if so, then I understand. No feelings, no empathy for us users who have no choice.

Say Mr/Ms. Machine, could you go and tell the highest rank actual blood and bones human in your company how pissed of I am at your stupid complicated products? I know you wont understand my plight because you are all circuits and *** Hopefully, said human my have a clue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Microsoft Office 365 Subscription.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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