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Recently I logged into my XBOX Live account after not signing on for a while and checked my Transaction History. I had 160 points on my account the last time I logged in last June (2013) which I had planned on purchasing an item for my Fable character.

On 7/1/2013, without ANY notice either in email or the many contact methods that Microsoft demands to have to use in the numerous ANNOYING need to 'verify my account', the points were unceremoniously and unilaterally 'expired' and cancelled without compensation.

I want anyone and everyone to know that these virtual points that are acquired by spending our time and effort to acquire or by allowing these companies to invade our privacy with their 'loyalty' programs are an illusion that they can take away from you like this after they have received the benefit they want from you.

My wife had 400 Points on her XBOX Live account also along from Bing Rewards in addition to the same 160 from a previous effort. She recently got an email that XBOX Points were being retired in lieu of using you local currency, US Dollars in our case. When she went to check to see what the email was about, she also discovered her previous 160 points were similarly 'expired' and taken away without compensation. At least in her case the 400 XBOX points that were purchased with Bing Rewards points were still there and converted to something of value but the other 160 points in both our cases were not.

Neither of us received any emails or any other notification that the points were being expired. Their value was just TAKEN AWAY.

These are the same companies that cry FOUL via the DMCA when their intellectual property is similarly taken away by 'piracy'. What do they call it when they STEAL things of value from their customers. Nothing. They don't consider that a problem at all.

No wonder consumers ignore their view just like our views are ignored in cases like this.

Review about: Microsoft Account.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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