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Microsoft Surface Support has the absolute worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Ever. I’m not sure if the problem is a broken system or employee incompetence but the customer experience is horrible!

Problem: Surface Pro 3 with cracked screen. I did not drop it. I was in a work meeting and couldn’t figure out why my touch screen wasn’t functioning. Looked at it at another angle and noticed the crack. I dropped my previous tablet so I already know this is probably not under warranty and probably going to cost me $350.00 to replace. Fine.

Replacement Attempt #1- I called the support line and spoke to “Jean.” She said that because I didn’t drop it, the devise might still be under warranty. She processed the request to have it inspected using my gmail account. She assured me that after the inspection, if it was found not to be under warranty, the service department would call me so I could pay the $350.00 for the replacement. I finished the request and shipped it out through FedEx. Nobody ever called. I just got the tablet back still broken. I emailed “Jean” using the email that she had previously responded to me and never got and answer.

Call time: 40 minutes

Replacement Attempt #2- I called the support line again; spoke to unknown male (Person 2). I told Person 2 what had happened and he refused to help me until I “verified my Microsoft account.” This was the first time I was asked for this and I did not have access to that email account at the time. I gave him my name, my service request number, my device serial number, and the gmail account that I had used to process the request and he still refused to help me. He said he could see the information but he “wasn’t able to help me” unless I got access to that microsoft account and gave him the 8 digit verification number that he wanted. He told me to call back when I had it; then he hung up on me.

Call time: 30 minutes

Replacement Attempt #3- I called the support line again immediately and spoke with “Valein.” She was unable to figure out who I was speaking with before and who hung up on me. Valein started helping with the replacement and never mentioned any verification at all. It never came up. Valein, however, kept putting me on hold to “check the details.” After about 20 minutes of on and off holds so she could “check the details” I told her she could probably just ask me for whatever information she was looking for. That helped a bit. When we finally got to the payment portion Valein could not figure out the difference between a “shipping” address and a “billing” address. I had to explain it three times because she kept reversing it as she tried to run my card for the $350.00 and kept getting error codes. She said I needed to call my bank and get the authorization code, then call back (with a completely different person) and complete the process. I was not having it! She agreed to call me back in 1 hour at which time I would have the authorization code.

Call time: 40 minutes

I called my bank for the code and they said that no transaction ever attempted! So I don’t know what Valein was doing, but apparently she was not charging my card for the $350.00. The bank said she needed to check the numbers and do it again. Valein did not call in 1 hour as agreed. At this point I am beyond fed up. So I got online and figure out how to do the replacement process myself. I paid and shipped it through FedEx. Another 2 hours after that, Valein finally calls when I can’t answer and leaves a message. Then she sends an email with instructions on how to complete the process online (which I’ve already done) and says “I tried to call you on the number you provided over the chat. However, I am unable to reach you. Please feel free to respond on this email if you need further assistance or you may contact this no: 1-800-642-7676.”

I responded to Valein’s email that she called 2 hours late when I was no longer available. I further explained that I had done the process on my own, paid for everything and sent the device out and she should not try to charge my card again. Just in case she figured out how to correctly charge the card.

Three days later!!!!! I get a call from Valein asking if I figured out how to do it online. … So now I know she either didn’t receive or just didn’t read my response email. When I asked why she didn’t timely call me back she blamed it on the time difference. … Pretty sure “in one hour” is the same in any time zone but okay.

Confirmation Attempt- It had been 8 days since I sent in the device and I still hadn’t received confirmation that Microsoft had received it. I called the support line again and spoke to “John.” John CANNOT HELP ME UNLESS I VERIFY MY MICROSOFT ACCOUNT!!!! Apparently, only the male support agents want this information. It’s okay, I know how to play this game now; I was ready. All I want to do is verify that it was received. It took John 20 minutes to answer this simple question. 20 minutes on and off hold while he “checked the details.” I really shouldn’t take 20 minutes to find out whether support has received the tablet.

The answer was yes, they received it 4 days ago. Great! When am I going to receive the replacement? John has no idea. He doesn’t know if it will take a week, or two weeks or a month! According to John, Microsoft is out of stock of my specific model so they are going to hold my tablet INDEFINITELY until corporate or a store receives one. And he has no idea how long that will take. *** excuse me??!!!?

Mind you, the Surface Pro 4 has been out about 3 months now so I don’t think they are even making the Pro 3 anymore. So what happens if they don’t get another 3?? John doesn’t know. Then why don’t they send me another model; I paid the $350.00 for the replacement? John says that is against policy. This is NOT how customer service is supposed to work! If Microsoft doesn’t have one they should send me a different model, not hold my tablet “indefinitely!”

I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was placed on hold for about 10 minutes until a recorded message said “We’re sorry. Your call could not be complete. Please hang up and call the toll free number again.”

Call time: 40 minutes.

Microsoft Store- I called the local Microsoft store and explained what I’ve been dealing with. They said they couldn’t help at all because the support line is a completely different system. He offered to do an in store exchange for me…but this of course depends on my being able to get my table BACK from Microsoft! He took all the information I had on the transactions and said he would pass it on to the “resolution center” and they will give me a call. I won’t hold my breath for that call.

So now Microsoft has my money ($350.00 for replacement) and my tablet (worth $1,000.00) and I don’t know what else to do! There is no complaint phone number. I haven’t been able to speak to a supervisor. The store can’t help me because the systems are different! Who is going to fix this problem!!!

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This is exactly what my husband is on the phone with them about now. For over a month they have LIED every time he talks to them. Worst customer service ever!

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