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I use HP laptops for my music business. My business is providing Music services for Church and other charitable organizations. I do it for FREE.

My last laptop failed so I bought a new one but neither HP or MICROSOFT gave any warning that Windows 8 would not run my programs. In fact, to run the software and music I have paid dearly for, I have to relicense everything including every song I have. I have purchased every song. I have licensed all the software I use to play this music.

Why do I have to repurchase everything I've paid for? Why don't we have a choice of an OS.

My Laptop is simply a tool. When the tool fails, it needs to be replaced. But when I replaced the tool nothing works.

Imagine, you are a carpentar. Your hammer breaks so you go purchase a new one.

Imagine to your surprise, that before you can use your new hammer you have to upgrade it, wait for hours before you can use it. Then every other day you have to upgrade it again.

Who put Microsoft in charge of what I need?

Why do computer manufactures bow down to Microsoft?

Why can't we, (that means you too), chose our OS?

At the end of the day, Microsoft and computer manufacturers need us more than we need them.

Learn this, practice this, understand this!

Not everyone wants to do social media.

Thanks to Eric Snowden, we now know we should avoid social media.

But me, I just want to buy a computer with an OS I can use.

Review about: Microsoft Software Upgrade.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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