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I've contacted Microsoft many times to get a new drive installation activated because a drive that I had been using for more a few months was blocked from working. The software was purchased from Amazon prior to release of 8 in October of 2012.

As a result of software stopping disk from working both drives with windows 8 on one drive with windows 7 professional along with files were now unaccessable. I needed to now to reinstall on new drives losing past information but now the products I had paid for and registered with Microsoft site (record of file should be on file). Much time lost. Monopoly business practices practiced.

Had problems previously with a completely different version of windows 7 professional. I think Bill Gates should have to complainees but then his idea of customer concerns would never get past entry person.

I guess after you are rich your product can fail and you Bill are not bothered. Too bad competion no longer exists.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Similar issue happened to me. Got it with a new laptop, had to restore...

boom, key blocked (yes, the one hardcoded into the freaking machine). They won't support it since it's supposedly a manufacturer problem. Their techs will not tell me what is wrong with the key. This laptop is now running a GNU OS.

Yeah, certainly not optimal because now I can't run a bunch of stuff like Netflix, but I'm not having their *** anymore.

Microshafted again! :( This certainly has me looking into Apple products a bit more seriously now.

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