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i bought a version of windows 8 because i was quite impressed with the consumer preview windows 8. unfortunately i had the misfortune of an electrical storm and lost the hard drive in my computer.

i how have a new hard drive and i cannot activate my windows 8 product key again. i want it back. how do i reactivate me windows 8.

i was impressed with the consumer preview i wanted to buy the proper windows 8. i was impressed with how that preview worked but i am NOT impressed with the support for windows 8 i also believe that the security code is an insult to peoples intelligence

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #944092

Its sad to say that if you were smart and had purchased a six dollar surge protector this wouldn't have happened. Windows 8 keys can only be activated ONCE, and only once.


This person makes no mention of contacting support to activate. I have reactivated hundreds of copies of Windows from versions XP through 8.

Longest time on phone was 28 minutes, which was primarily because of too many improper activation attempts by an uninformed "expert". I would wager this situation could be resolved easily, if the person followed the directions, then CALLED MS support for assistance.

Blaming MS for something like this is absurd.

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