Hello my names Edita Toric I'm writting because I either want to sue or get someone fired because I never in my life felt so disrespected, I don't know who exactly is responsible for this but I have a number! It started off with my computer acting up because it might have a virus and it's not working right at all so I call this number it provided me with (855) 562-0328 and every time I call the guy keeps intentionally hanging up on me, NO HELP AT ALL.

Called 12 times between 11:44 through 12:07 He's suppose to help me fix my computer. He first hung up in the middle of me talking. Second time he picks up says to call from a different phone and hangs up before I even say anything. I don't have any other phone!

Third time I ask if he can hear me now he said no and hangs up. I keep calling he keeps rejecting my calls. I don't stop he picks up and tells me to call in an hour VERY RUDELY with and attitude. Hangs up right when I'M about to speak and set my phone to automatic reject!!!

I have the white Dr. Beats Microsoft windows laptop that is also a tablet and they provided me with this number.

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE customer service! MY phone number is 773-501-7530 my email is editatoric96@gmail.com I need to speak to someone immediately and do something about this that man doesn't deserve a job.

Product or Service Mentioned: Microsoft Laptop.

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Pennsylvania, United States #1000850

Microsoft doesn't really have customer service, its basically an admin assistant directing calls. I called back and asked to make a complaint and all I received was a number to their legal department.

to Engineer #1163167

Hacked... Engineer lol...

If you get a virus the last thing you should do is try to fix it through a number the virus provides.

Don't you think that would be part of the plan. Admin assistant of what dip ***?

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