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In March 2012 I purchased a Windows 7 upgrade from the Microsoft Store. That computer stopped functioning in June. I bought a new computer with Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. I wanted to take the Windows 7 upgrade and use it on another computer. However, I did not have the disk and required another download. I contacted Microsoft.

Microsoft told me that once you apply their system to a computer you cannot transfer it. In other words if your hard drive fries and is un-restorable you are out of luck. Unless you bought the product in a store and had a CD in which to download it from. Microsoft said that once it was loaded on a computer it could never be used on another machine. It was if a symbiotic relationship had occurred between that groupings of components and the software.

After talking to the manager and nearly an hour of my time, I hung up wishing that there was another operating system available to support all of my computers.

I have been with Microsoft since the days of DOS and have never been treated in such a manner. My suggestion to all of you is if you buy any Microsoft products that you get a copy of the software as part of the purchase and never call their support people, especially if you have a bad heart.

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That's the problem with Winblows and Microsoft, they only give you the LICENSE to use software, not the software itself. It's ***.

You should get Ubuntu Linux, it's way faster and more secure. Plus it has a huge online community who are friendly and willing to help.


You should be doing a mirror image backup for occasions like this. I guess you could go with Linux, but that would be a mistake.

You did not read the agreement before you checked "I agree" did you? No one does, but Microsoft is correct and that is one of the conditions you agreed to when they sold you their product.

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