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Product Key Card,can't download.

Can't not download my Product Key Card for Office Home and Student 2010,and I would like know if I can use it again,do I have to buy another Product Key Card,If I don't have to buy another is there some way I can redeem or is there a backup availability to reinstall this this Product Key card.Because this card is very expensive to buy and I don't want to lose out on my money.So could you please tell me that I could use this card again to download to my computer.Thank You
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Nathalie, Virginia
Microsoft Office Suite
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Xbox 360 erroneously banned from future game play

The following email was sent to Microsoft today regarding a recent software upgrade that has erroneously deemed an older Xbox 360 console as having been modified or tampered with and thus no longer able to play any new xbox 360 games. I read your posting regarding the "very few consoles" that have been effected by this problem. I have Microsoft's response less than encouraging. You say you seem to know which consoles were effected. Well apparently I am one of those miscreants who have some how modified or tampered with my Xbox. Ironically, I bought the Xbox new and have never opened the case myself. When I got the flashing read light problem I sent it to Microsoft to be repaired. I have never loaded anything but newly bought or used games from Gamestop into this device. I have never loaded any firmware or other software into this device other than those updates downloaded from xbox live. Yet here I am unable to play the last two games purchased because my xbox is deemed to have been tampered with and therefore I most be doing something illegal. I do appreciate and respect the need to protect the intellectual property of game makers. However, when that leads to a loyal customer who has always played by the rules being unable to play the $60 games he has purchased, than your efforts have gone to far. At present we (my son and I) own in excess of 75 different Xbox games and two Xbox units (the newer black elite has not had this problem). As you can appreciate that is a considerable investment beyond the $600 for the consoles. Three separate calls to xbox support has made it clear that Microsoft is not going to help me with this situation. Now my only option is to sell this current Xbox to some unsuspecting person and go out and purchase a new console. Could it be that this is Microsoft's intent? Until now I had been satisfied with Microsoft's support for Xbox 360 and Xbox live. Now, I am wishing that I had invested in the Playstation 3 technology. At least they know how to make their errors good with their customers. My writing this email is my way of communicating my dissatisfaction with Microsoft. How you choose to respond will determine whether I continue to be a loyal Xbox customer or choose to buy myself a new Playstation for Christmas.
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If you had invested in Playstation 3 technology, you would have been in a sinking ship situation. Considering they have been hacked and had credit card info stolen 19 times in the last two years.


Whoever owned that machine had modified it and it was banned for those mods. It wasn't something you did rather it was the previous owner who KNEW this had happened and reloaded rather OS clean BEFORE he sold it out traded it in.

There's a LOT of those machines out there and unfortunately for you Buddy, YOU GOT ONE, LOL. :cry


You seem to be unable to read the posted info. "I bought the Xbox new and have never opened the case myself.

When I got the flashing read light problem I sent it to Microsoft to be repaired." How are you coming up with your conclusion that it was a used machine? Reading comprehension would be a nice asset for you to have.


Technology is not flawless. People were mistakenly banned due to an error.

The error was acknowledged and consumers were compensated with Microsoft points. There is a chip in the Xbox that detects tampering and handles the modded console bans. Complaints and other violations of the terms are handled by the team. The bans in error were corrected.

A person will not ban you unless there is substantial evidence.

You have to speak to the policy enforcement team via the forums if you'd like to find out the reason for a ban. Phone support is just for billing and technical troubleshooting.


File a consumer complaint with the Attorney General in your state, the BBB and the Federal Trade Commission, they did the exact same thing to us, refusing to listen to our complaints and refusing to allow us to prove our innocence by letting us send in our console. As it turns out a "software error" on Microsofts part flagged consoles incorrectly despite the fact that we were told many times and directed to their console suspension policy countless times that assured us that they "take console suspensions seriously, and only take such action after a lengthy investigation by multiple teams, " yet when it turns out they made a mistake they blame it in software and say the mistske had nothing to do with the "normal actions" taken by their enforcement team, so it would appear Microsoft was lying to us because it was apparently software that decided we were banned not a "lengthy investigation by multiple teams".

Our exoerience with Microsoft revealed to us that they are full of hypocrisy and half truths, we do not believe or trust anything they say. Who is Microsoft accountable to?

How does anyone know that they are not arbitrarily banning consoles and accounts or that mistakes are not happening if they are accountable to no one when their policies are full of " no recourse" statements. Enough is enough, it is time for consumers to take back some of the control, there are no profits without the customer and Microsoft needs to be reminded if that.

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Saint Louis, Missouri
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Microsoft: Horrendous Customer Service! Grr!

Update by user Jul 27, 2011


Original review posted by user Jul 27, 2011
I purchased an Xbox 360 for my sons last Christmas from Radio Shack. On Christmas morning, the unit immediately broke down. The day after Christmas, I took it back to Radio Shack. Because I had bought it online and had it delivered to the store, they could do nothing for me. I bought a new unit at Best Buy, and called Microsoft. Microsoft sent me a return label so that I could send it back. I promptly dropped it off at a local Fedex facility in early January. Now it is the end of July, I have been on the phone with them several times, sent many e-mails, and they are basically telling me that they have no record of receiving my Xbox or even issuing the return label. Stunning. I realize that I was *** for not getting a tracking number, but I can't believe that Microsoft could possibly be this incompetent. Their product breaks and I am out $200. Bill G., I didn't know you needed my money that badly, but I guess you do. Hands down, the worst customer service experience I have ever had with a large corporation. This is inexcusable.
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New London, Connecticut

Microsoft has the worst customer service

I can't believe that it would take 4 months for a refund of fraudulent charges.Sit back and let me tell you a story of frustration and woe. It is a story of a gamer, his Xbox, (but truth be told, I use my Xbox more for Netflix than anything else these days) and the nightmare that is Microsoft's support. It all began back on the morning of March 19, 2011. It was just a typical Saturday morning…or so I thought. It started the same as most other Saturdays as was sitting there drinking my cup of coffee and checking my emails. I had no idea that this was the day that would start my 4 month-long bout of endless frustration with Microsoft. You can see the whole story here:
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Washington, District Of Columbia
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Microsoft Xbox Live auto renewal

I am well aware of Microsoft's default auto-renewal whenever the customer uses a CC to purchase a subscription. I also know Microsoft makes is as inconvenient as possible to turn of this setting. (The only way is to call a hotline and wait on hold until someone finally decides to answer your call.) That being said, I purchased a 1 month subscription online and immediately called the hotline to cancel my auto renewal. While on the phone, I was told I could get 3 months for the price of 1 per a promotion they were currently running and I was asked if I would like to upgrade. I agreed since I would get 2 more months for free. I just found out today (after being automatically renewed for another month) was that when I agreed to upgrade to the 3 months that turned on the auto renewal, THAT I CALLED TO TURN OFF. I called today as soon as I found out that I had been charged for another month that I did not want and asked for it to be removed. I received no help except that I would be charged for the next month since I somehow unknowingly agreed to turn back on the autorenewal when I upgraded. I asked them to please turn off the auto renewal again. I guess I'll find out next month if it was successful...
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Allen is correct! I had the same thing happen.

I called them and instead of just turning off the auto renewal, the rep canceled my Gold entirely. I was pissed to say the least, so I called again. The rep I spoke with not only turned my Gold back on, but was able to give me 2 FREE weeks for the mistake the last rep made by canceling my Gold 2 weeks early.


Xbox is a good company, you just have to keep calling until you get a Cool Rep who gets where you're coming from. 8)


I called Microsoft Support and they said that they WOULDNT turn off autorenewal because they would send an email a week before the renewal date, asking me what i wanted to do ( buy another month or quit).

And guess what?

They didnt send an email and charged me another month.

heh :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


I completely understand where you are coming from, but the best way to avoid autorenewal is to simply buy the prepaid cards for Xbox Live Memberships and Microsoft Points from any places that sell Xbox. That's what I do.

So I don't even have to worry about autorenewal. Because you paid that store you bought the card from for the membership and there is no autorenewal involved.

If you just don't want to go out and buy the cards. & sells them online and they email you a code.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Microsoft Subscription
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Xbox.....seriously....come on

So I get an xbox slim version..and since day one it freezes..sometimes you can play for hours..and the next you are lucky to get a minute..and to send it in would be like 12 weeks..I have only had it for like 5 months..wish there were a way to get it fixed or a new one under warranty would think with all the money being paid for live brings in it would be a better would think a big company wouldn't want an inferior product out there..I have actually purchaed the same games for my ps3 just so I am sure of not freeing and being able to play without worrying .....ugh!
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Washington, District Of Columbia

Recent updates screw up current programs

Latest Microsoft updates have made my Outlook Email so that it can not repy. Can not collapse the favorites menu without being able to retrieve it. Keeps annoying you with pop-ups from Microsoft for their products. Running the restore function, won't allow reconfiguration of the computer in the previous format. Last update caused my HP printer not to be accessed, even though it was in the printed menu as the designated printer. It seems like every update of Vista in the last couple of months has come with liabilities. Does anyone ever try these out at Microsoft to see if they really work? Next time Microsoft prompts me to update, I am going to delete it permanently.
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Roberts, Wisconsin

Microsoft has ruined my computer with their downloads. I am disabled and need my computer.

Microsoft downloaded explorer 9 and it messed my computer up.I still have a computer but I fear it will soon crash. Microsoft took Exp 9 off. The next day it was back on. I went through countless representatives. Each time explaining it over again. I am physically sick from being on the computer. I continually talking to people who just follow a script I completely believe it is a scam to get money. When you say technical a recording comes on telling you how to fix Exp 9. Sounds like a big clue something stinks at Microsoft. Deborah Martin
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I should have noted, if you do this, from this point on you will need to watch for Microsoft updates in your Task bar, it will warn you. Click the icon, a window will appear and you tick the critical and recommended items you want to update, then request install.


Your problem is probably you have your PC set to automatic updates. If this is the case, no matter how many times you remove it, it will re-install. You should change automatic updates to on request updates (Microsoft notifies you and you decide if you want to download it. There are 3 options: automatic, on request and none.)

First you should change this (Go to "Control Panel" select "Windows Update" and in the left panel select "Change settings" and in the drop down box select "Check for updates but let me decide to download and install them". Then you should do a System Restore to before the first installation of IE9 (Note: Anything else you have installed after this date will also be removed. Go to "Control Panel" select "Backup and Restore", Select "Restore files", select "Repair Windows system restore" look for a point before IE9 was first installed and follow instructions).

Then, when you get a request to update to IE9 right click the update and select "Hide update" and it shouldn't ask you again.


I do not did Microsoft download and then take Explorer 9 off? And how is Microsoft scamming you for money when Microsoft Explorer 9 is free?

If it was downloaded by the user and there were problems you could have used a previous restore point to "reset" your PC to a time before EXP 9 was downloaded. Thats what I had to do when I had problems with EXP 9.

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Tucson, Arizona

Uniblue and microsoft

I already posted this, but not under "uniblue" name. I decided I did not want their product after the price kept escalating. "Don't you want this too?" baloney. I can't get away from them. Every time I turn on the computer, they ask me if I want to buy their product. The truth is, I never want to see a uniblue or microsoft product again. They are e abusers to their customers. Let's see, this goofy site will not allow a post of under 100 words. *** you *** you *** you *** you *** you--maybe I have 100 now. PS--I lied. I didn't read the "pissed off consumer terms of service". What a bunch of *** that is, right? Did you read it?
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Bonners Ferry, Idaho


I started out being interested in this product--then the price kept escalating, so I decided to call it off. Then I saw it would keep going. I tried to stop it. Now every time I turn on my computer, it bothers me, asking me if I want to buy their product. This is the worst kind of e abuse. I hate them and hate Microsoft fairly highly by now. I want to be left alone. I also am disgusted with this website, which requires me to have 100 words. Let's see *** you *** you *** you *** you. Hmmmm maybe 100 by now.
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block the program from the start up menu, n delete the program

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Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Microsoft Website
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Microsoft Bing

Today, for the second time since I started using Firefox 6 months ago, I found my search engine changed from Yahoo to Microsoft's Bing. I once again had to search around the web in order to find out how to change it back. This time I printed the directions. It seems Microsoft will hijack your search engine and change it to their "Bing" without giving you an opportunity to say no. They just do it. Then you wast alot of time trying to figure out what happened to your usual search engine, etc. It apparently happened because I was into my hotmail account and was looking at my user profile. I ended up not changing anything on my profile, but apparently because I was in this area of hotmail, Microsoft took it upon themselves to just go ahead and screw with me. Thus, if you have a hotmail account, be careful!!
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I've used Firefox for years and now use Firefox 4.

I changed my search engine, using the simple one click drop down box in Firefox, to Yahoo, it's never changed so it's not Firefox. I use Incredimail and my domain for e-mail.

I note however in IE7 (when I was forced to use it once) no matter what I did about the default search engine I could open IE7 repeatedly and it reverted to Bing every time.


Sounds like you should be complaining about Firefox rather than Microsoft. I use IE, have a hotmail account, and use Yahoo as my default search ...

it's never changed. Microsoft could care less what your search engine you choose to use.

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Saginaw, Michigan
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I am rather naive in the computer world, and I've always understood that the "automatic updates" Microsoft, and other companies provide, were to keep our computers (the users) up to date. So in January 2009, when I noticed my Internet computer doing a large Microsoft Update, I thought it would be wise to update my back-up computer as well. I waited till near the end of my Big pond month, bearing in mind I've only got 1GB of internet usage, and checked that for once I had plenty of usage to use up. Silly silly me, the update was so big that it cost me $27.00 in over use. THEN, BOTH my computers started playing up, and eventually died. The back-up was connected to my sat nav when it died, and it killed that at the same time. Well I was absolutely mortified, not only were all my "toys" D E A D! but, Kevin Rudd's fortnightly donation doesn't leave any left overs for major computer repairs. Bearing in mind I have medical problems, this caused MAJOR anguish, and I nearly had a break down over it. Middle son agreed to get the back-up computer fixed for me (freight $12.00) but was unable to recover ANYTHING from it, luckily I had back up by this stage, and only lost about ten weeks worth of work. The Internet computer I took to a computer repair joint, and it cost me $370.00 the technician who repaired it told me the death was due to the Microsoft Update, AND he has turned off the automatic updates, and told me not to do updates unless I know they're safe. How am I supposed to know that????????? After talking to a few people I find that many have also turned off their updates, due to possible risks. The sat nav cost $365.10 to replace, because it was too old (I'm told) to be repaired. So the cost's are; Internet over use $27.00 Freight $12.00 Repairs $370.00 Replace sat nav $365.10 Total $774.10 I know that would only be a drop in a very large puddle for Bill Gates but to me it's SO MUCH MORE THAN MY FORTNIGHTLY GOVERNMENT PENSION. How did I pay for it? Simple, Visa card. Now to most people that's not a problem, but to me it is, for two reasons, first I only use my Visa card to buy things from distant locations, and, ONLY when I have the money saved before hand. Second, it will take me 30.964 months, or, 2.58 years to pay it off at $25.00 per month. That means two and a half years of scrimping. So what's the point of all this rambling you ask? Simple I believe Microsoft should be down right embarrassed and totally and utterly ashamed for causing these problems in the first place. There was no warning on the updates, "This may harm your computer" no option out, nothing. I believe Microsoft has a "duty of Care' to provide trouble free updates, and if they can't, I then believe Microsoft should be responsible for the expenses I have incurred, namely $774.10. I have written to Dept. of Consumer Affairs, The Magistrates Court of Western Australia, The Citizens Advice Bureau, The Legal Ai Society and the A.C.C.C all of whom are not interested in helping pensioners. Mack6701
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Microsoft ripped off opensource software, Mozilla (IE) plus many other useful tweaks/code belonging to the free open source code library :( compiling what they now believe belongs to them exclusively, due to some copyright/licensing loopholes. :roll So with all this going, you're just sucker that bought into the MS ...BS

In essence stealing/aquiring their Windows products by nefarious means. ,) Then Microsoft successfully marketed said products whilst barring any such competition from other software/hardware developers and got away with it making billions, :eek Thus leaving such stinted development with those competitors that might have created a stable and useful package. :)

Apple, Microshaft's main competitor has only upgraded their operating software (free) with new computer as newer equipment became available whilst maintaining a backwards compatabilty between upgrades plus still maintaining a software repository for both older and newer systems which by the way is still 'FREE". Imagine that a new computer and the operating system thats free. Your only outward costs being any such software unrelated to the Apple/Machintosh operating system, itself. :) :) :)

The best part is Apple's customer service, especially at Apple Store:

Dear Apple Tech, my computer isn't working any more :(

Apple: OK! just have a seat, it'll be right back (taking the product with them)

You: OK

Apple: Well OK, there seems to be nothing physically wrong with product however I put a fresh copy of the operating system plus any necessary updates, it seems to be running fine now, Any problems please come back (reply with a smile)

You: wow! thanks, now how much is this going to cost me???

Apple: nothing ...there was nothing wrong with your machine so there's absolutely no charge.

You: What about the reinstallation??? update??? Your time?

Apple: You got included with your original computer purchase.

So I still have several of these dinosaurs that worked right out of the box and still perfectly useful and operational hardware / software-wise. :grin Imagine that!

If they were given the proper competitive edge to compete with Microshft we'd certainly all be looking at a completely different computing world. :grin :p


ds22 is so ignorant. I've been using computers since 1950s when they were room-sized.

Microsoft does destroy computers albeit unintentionally through their "technician"s stupidity or lack of English. Microsoft is now 1984's big brother doing things "for your own good." Now they have locked most of my pictures. Since my cat is not computer literate, I am the only one with access so NOTHING should be locked. Their solution was for me to unlock each one individually.

Noto practical when I have thousands. Gates should use some of his millions to keep Win-7 backwards compatable so pensioners dont have to replace perfectly working old programs.


OH by the way, I never allowed my other Gateway computer to update again.Staying away from Mirosoft Authentic Verification update. It lasted a few more years til I contracted the TR.TRASH VIRUS.

Today I have a WalMart Acer Aspire and it already has MAV installed. So far no problems.


Back several years ago when microsoft came out with the Authentic Verifacation update. I had two Gateways and one of them crashed after the update.

I like yourself trusted their updates, tho' I didnt have them setup on automatic. I rather manually everyother night. So I held back the MAV till morn so I could monitor it. My system never logged back on.

It verified windows as Authentic and then went blackscreen. I had an 80g drive almost full. Lost, gone.

No help anywhere. CORPORATIONS...Shutup, Suckup, Payup and OBEY


Back several years ago when microsoft came out with the Authentic Verifacation update. I had two Gateways and one of them crashed after the update.

I like yourself trusted their updates, tho' I didnt have them setup on automatic. I rather manually everyother night. So I held back the MAV till morn so I could monitor it. My system never logged back on.

It verified windows as Authentic and then went blackscreen. I had an 80g drive almost full. Lost, gone.

No help anywhere. CORPORATIONS...Shutup, Suckup, Payup and OBEY


Thank you shocked, it's great to see people taking the time to read and comment on my story.

Mack 6701


so maybe people on pensions should not buy computers...this is so *** i can't beleive he spent the time to write it.


Thanks' for your comments, perhaps people who can't understand shouldn't pass comments.



Computers are like cars ... people who can't operate them shouldn't have them!

I use three computers, all are up-to-date, and the updates on all of them combined don't come close to 1GB. Sounds like you got a virus.

Personally, I don't like Microsoft but they don't go around destroying computers. Get the facts before complaining and stop acting like a complete dumba$$.

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Perth, Western Australia
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Wasted my time till the price is changed and then refused to place my order on the price I order

Sorry If this hurts someone who had good experience with Microsoft store. But I am really pissed off with their service . The rep delayed my order by asking that there is a server error and We hold your order and gave me a ticket and asked me to call back after two hours but when I called she told me that the price is no more available and we cant do anything. What the ---- is this she has my order number, she quoted me the exact price on which I ordered the Laptops and she gave me the ticket number. But refuse to gimme the price
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Salt Lake City, Utah
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Microsoft and the Bing Bar

During a routine update this morning I was given the option of installing the Bing Bar. I chose not to install this on my computer. After the update was complete I went online to find that a window popped up saying that the Bing Bar was downloaded and now needed to be installed. I clicked the "NO Thanks" button, only to have another window pop up asking if it was ok for the Bing bar to make changes to my computer. I clicked on the cancil button and again clicked on the "No Thanks" button. The same thing happened. Everytime I tried to just use the Yahoo home page I was unable to do anything because the window about the *** Bing bar was on top of the page and would not go away. The "No Thanks" button was useless. Finally I had to go to my task manager, end the process then go to my Add/Remove programs and manually remove the Bing Bar, which I did not want installed on my computer in the first place. Only after I uninstalled the *** thing was I able to get back to using Yahoo. This incident reminded me strongly of the malware that takes over your computer telling you that you have a virus that can only be removed if you buy their so called virus removal software. This practice by Microsoft of installing things on the consumer's computer without the consumer's permission is very shady, unfair and unprofessional. When I bought my current computer it already had ad cookies installed on it right out of the box. Some of those tracking cookies come right back after you remove them. If you place them on your block list it doesn't matter, back they come. This practice is wrong and should be illegal. If I want something on my computer it should be up to me to put it there. Just because Microsoft is a big company does not give it the right to take away my ability to decide what I want. For the very fact that Microsoft tried to jam the Bing bar down my throat I will never use it.
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Just contact the Federal Trade Commision if enough complaints are made the will investigate it.


Microsoft is totally ***. This is why I only get pirated versions of Windows, completely unrestricted. If you don't like the idea of piracy, I would just buy or build a computer with a blank hard drive and start without a bunch of *** already installed on your machine.


What is a BING BAR?


Were it not for the following, I likely would have run my own side-by-side comparison of Google vs. Bing and made my own decision. I've observed that although this question has been asked in multiple spaces on the internet, but the standard responses given don't address these problems:

1. Microsoft insists that you install the Bing toolbar as a condition of using Internet Explorer with Windows 7. There is no way of declining the Bing toolbar; Microsoft insists that you agree to install it, thereby forcing you to uninstall it.

2. Windows updates include the Bing toolbar, forcing you to go in each time and specifically choose the updates you want instead of the convenience of "automatic" updates. I constantly have to check my updates and the Bing toolbar has been reinstalled several times, thereby forcing me to uninstall it each time. It's as if Microsoft assumes that this software version of Chinese water torture will eventually browbeat consumers into submission.

The only responses from Microsoft refuse to address the fact Microsoft is forcing you to accept the Bing toolbar as a prerequisite for using Internet Explorer, and they hurriedly try to redirect you with the standard Control Panel Uninstall response. Even Dell support refuses to address the issue, simply saying there is no choice and you can go in and uninstall it. As a Microsoft partner in distribution, they certainly have to be aware of this business practice.

IMHO these are sneaky business tactics, and I'm considering a formal complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. I'd love an actual response to this very specific complaint rather than an avoidance of the issue.


If you installed Bing and then go through the steps to uninstall it, it will pop up again every time that you do automatic updates. You can set your updates to manually select what updates you want and not choose Bing but it will still nag you that an update is available each and every time.

The BEST thing to do is to check for updates, click the Bing update, then right-click Bing and choose HIDE. This will prevent that update from showing up again automatically. You may have to do this more than once. Most people find that they have to do it twice however I had to do it three time.

Do it once, exit from Windows Update, launch Windows Update again and check for updates. Check the box and hide it again if it shows up again.

Repeat these steps until it no longer shows up. Good luck.


FIRST! control panel, uninstall Bing in ;

Add remove programs or Programs and Features,

internet options, bing, remove, in ;

change home page & change search defaults ,

firefox , tools, options ,preferences , general, home page, kill bing

add-ons , uninstall or disable bing in all tabs


I get the annoying pop up box that says congratualtions bing bar is ready to use. I do not have the bing bar.

I have went to website after website to find a place with some help. Everything that has been suggested on several websites including microsofts had been no help at all. After trying all suggestions I refuse to install it and then uninstall it to remove that ANNOYING box. Besides I did do that once and after uninstalling guess what?

The ANNOYING pop up still kept coming. So that is a useless suggestion. What a shame for microsoft to cause people to hate because of their audacity to not give users a choice to refuse their bing bar. Because they do not give us the choice to refuse microsoft is not respecting the users at all.

Why do they want to chase off customers by not removing that *** congatulations box? I have read many reports of people not wanting to deal with or purchase anymore microsoft products. Microsoft should be ashamed of bullying users trying to use their site.

Or is microsoft not smart enough to put a polite "no thanks" option in the box? Is microsoft that insecure that they don't want to give us an option to refuse?


I'd like to know the federal agency with which I can file a complaint for the forced install of the bing toolbar and the tracking software...

Don Varnau, listed as a community moderator at, had the following conversation with someone who didn't want to click OK:

When I open I get a popup that prevents me from being able to use the page at all. It says:

Your new Bing Bar is ready to use.

There is only an OK button. How can I get rid of this without clicking OK?


I'd suggest that you click OK, then disable the Bing Bar from IE> Tools> Manage add-ons.

I have several toolbars installed which I use only rarely then disable between uses.


Microsoft seems to have their moderators suggesting that we click OK even though that's EXACTLY WHAT WE DON'T WANT TO DO!

It should be illegal to not give users the option to click 'no thanks'.

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Conway, South Carolina
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XBox scratches discs, makes them unplayable

For Christmas my son wanted an XBox 360 S, and Call of Duty Black Ops. He received both. We had been strictly a Nintendo family before then, and he has plenty of experience with game systems. This morning he tells me that the Black Ops disc has a circular scratch on it and will not play. This seems to be a known problem if you move the XBox while the disc is playing. Only he did not move the system, it sits upright on our TV stand and will not lay flat, and with everything remote nowadays it wasn't accidently jerked down either. So barely a month later and we have a $50 game that will not play anymore. XBox support denied that there is any problem, and since it is a third-party game will not replace the disc. Never had a problem with Nintendo. Can't afford a new $50 disc every month!
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LOL. OP, the way the discs get scratched is if they are used in the upright position.

Also, not calling you or your child a liar in any way, but sometimes it happens if you bump it slightly, and children tend to sneak out of getting in trouble by lying, we all have been in that situation before. Also, considering you call your child a child, I assume you understand you purchased a game that is rated M for Mature for your child.


Microsoft is not a real video game company. Their *** systems have many flaws and are known for scratching discs.


360 slims, 360 originals are the only ones that do it. Microsoft is the largest technology company in the USA. The problem is not attaching a warning label stating that if you move the system with a disc inside while powered on it will scratch the disc

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