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Update by user Nov 09, 2020

Thank you PissedConsumer for the work you are doing on behalf of the consumer. Your efforts are greatly appreciated ... and hopefully your efforts will eventually help Microsoft understand that they need to show a much greater level of attention to looking after those customers that encounter problems and issues as a result of buying Microsoft products and services.Microsoft needs to understand that without their customers, they are nothing.

Update by user Nov 09, 2020

Following the publication of our complaint by Pissed Consumer and the video interview that we completed for them, we were eventually contacted by an individual who claimed to be from Microsoft Tech Support (possibly from India).All I was asked was if the problems were resolved. But there was nothing more than that.

And that did not give me any confidence that any improvements to Microsoft Tech and Customer Support would be forthcoming any time soon.To be quite honest, I was extremely surprised that a company like Microsoft would not have brought this to the attention of management at a reasonably senior level, because it is very evident that providing a meaningful level of Tech Support for their customer's is NOT AT ALL on their priority list ... and they made absolutely no offer to compensate for the more than 60 hours of wasted time for our company and business.Corrupting the operating systems of business customers that have legitimately purchased their Windows operating systems (and other software products) with forced updates is something that Microsoft is responsible for, and they should have a much more ethical and professional approach to undertaking their responsibilities. Until such time as Microsoft is prepared to take that responsibility, I could NEVER recommend them OR any of their products or services.FINALLY all customers of Microsoft should be aware that if you buy any future versions of Windows 10 Pro, you should be prepared to discover that it appears it will include their Windows/Office 365 offering. It was this that created the additional problems for us installing other versions of Microsoft business software that we already owned.

We did not discover this until their Tech Support admitted that that 365 needed to be deleted.To me, this simply demonstrated that Microsoft is endeavoring to use new sales as a marketing tool to attempt to convert those new customers over to their new subscription model ... whether it was in the customer's best interest or not.

Microsoft has been in trouble in the past with this behavior, which resulted in them being forced to unbundle Internet Explorer from their Windows Operating System. Obviously they have not learned from that !!!

Update by user Oct 05, 2020

It's not ..... yet......

and in fact I followed instructions provided provided to by PissedCunsumer to contact Microsoft using the contact email address "wehelp@***.com" .... and the message bounced back with the message "The group wehelp only accepts messages from people in its organization or on its allowed senders list, and your email address isn't on the list".

Original review posted by user Oct 02, 2020

I run a Tech Support division for an online education company in New Zealand and have 20+ years background in corporate software and know that Tech Support is something that can either make or break a business ...... and now have a disappointing 3-week experience that demonstrates Microsoft Tech Support IS A COMPLETE AND UTTER FAILURE.

But this is not a story of complaint about the individuals at MS attempting to assist.

No, this is a story of the Microsoft Tech Support Infrastructure ... that is poorly designed ... certainly not monitored, managed or supervised.

Three weeks ago one of our key PC's (Win 10 Pro) used to provide Tech Support to our own customers was corrupted by the latest Windows update. On that PC is 10+ years of customer emails, phone support records and our extensive Tech Support data and systems.

We immediately ordered a new hi-spec Dell as a replacement thinking that recovery of the data and would enable a transfer of all those records to the new PC. While awaiting delivery I started chasing MS Tech Support for assistance.

But THREE WEEKS, 12 case numbers and 60+ HOURS on the phone to them later .... Microsoft have still not resolved our problems.

BUT the problem gets worse ... much worse.

The new PC arrives with Win 10 Pro installed, and believe it or not ....

yes ....., we encounter issues installing the disc-based MS Office, Project Pro and Visio Pro that we own on it. So I call MS Tech Support. Very quickly we discover that MS is trying to get all their customer's to use their 365 subscription offering, rather than support the software we've purchased from them. Then I'm informed MS Tech Support needs to remove 365 from Windows 10 Pro, because it is preventing the installation of their own disk based products????

Three weeks later, with more than 12 different case numbers given to us, and 60+ hours sitting on the phone, the problems in both the old PC AND the new DELL computer, are STILL NOT fixed.

So the cause of the problems:

1: Constant phone disconnections from the MS Tech Support Centers in the Philippines and India ...

and the Tech Support Center in the United States simply refuse to speak to anyone outside the US.

2: When you attempt to make a call to MS Tech Support from here in Australasia, you have to fight to get through at least 6 levels of automated call selections - most of which attempt to send you back to the MS website. (MS must think everyone is stupid if they seriously think we have not already checked there first. But their own software updates corrupting customers PC's is not dealt with on their website.

3: When you finally manage to speak to someone in MS Tech Support, is when you encounter being repeatedly cut off. No fewer than 8 times .......

and their Tech Support staff explain they are in the middle of replacing their ISP. ...... For three weeks???

4: When you are cut off, you have absolutely no way of reconnecting with the same person that you have already spent more than 30 minutes explaining the problems to ... and then you are back fighting with their totally inadequate automated phone system to then arrive back with someone completely new, whom you then have to spend another 30 minutes explaining the problem a second ...

or third time. What becomes even more infuriating is the fact that despite the fact you are cut off ...... and they have your contact number ... they will NEVER call the customer back.

I was informed by those there that MS management does not allow them to contact customers back????.

On one day alone I wasted over 9 hours sitting waiting on the phone.

5: Next you discover that there are Tech Level 1 technicians and Tech level 2 technicians ....... The chances of you speaking to the more experienced Level 2 Technician is virtually impossible. Both these more experienced people AND especially their Windows Tech Support department, are literally guarded and not allows to speak with customers ......and I only succeeded after being assisted and introduced by a Level Tech 1 technician.

6: If and when you finally get to speak to a Tech 2 Department techie, you will start to discover a number of distinct and severe abnormalities ... one of the more ridiculous is that the world's "largest" software company's, does not even have the tools to allow them to capture and transfer your old Outlook settings and data from an older Win 10 Pro PC to your brand new Win 10 Pro PC ...

even if you are using the same versions of Windows and Office on each.

In other words MS is only too happy to sell you the software at ridiculous prices AND to then break it with their updates ... but certainly not support your ongoing use of it..

7: Finally, as I sit here now - with not just one broken PC, but also a second broken "new" PC, .... here is the funniest and saddest aspect of this whole debacle. After each of the calls I have made trying to get these problems fixed, I am sent an email asking for me to Rate Their Service.

I now have received FORTY NINE of them. I ignored each of the first 48 because of the problems had not been sorted because the majority of the calls remain unresolved due to their phone lines constantly dropping out.

On the 49th however, in an effort to alert their management to the extent of the problems with their Tech Support, I took the time to send them a long and detailed description of the problems I had encountered. I had hoped someone in Microsoft would have been there to take some sort of interest, so I provided my private contact number where they could call me back. Guess how many calls I received?

...... ZERO .... ZIP .... NOT ONE ...

which tells me how disinterested Microsoft - and their management, really is in regard totheir business customers and support..

So in conclusion I have to suggest that I really hope that Microsoft NEVER has the opportunity to provide any of their technology to the autonomous vehicle industry or Elon Musk's space rockets ... because it is way beyond their capacity if they cannot even plan or manage their own Tech Support service, let alone develop reliable software.

And if I was located in the United States I would have already contacted an Attorney to represent us in suing them.

MICROSOFT ... it is no wonder your days of glory expired 20 years ago with the creation of Windows 3.1. I will be publishing a copy of this debacle online ....

if for no other reason than Dell should refuse to have your broken software on their computers. They still produce a quality product and service ...

sadly the outrageous accident that is Microsoft, is 20 years beyond its expiry date and shelf life.

Long live LibreOffice and the other quality free offerings because they appear to want our business ... unlike Microsoft.

User's recommendation: Buy any MS Windows or Office Products ... STAY AWAY. MS is a disgrace.

Product or Service Mentioned: Microsoft Technical Support.

Monetary Loss: $2200.

Preferred solution: Pride a Level 2 Techician from the Windows Support Team to fix the coruption problems caused on both our old and new machines caused by the latest Windows update ... and ensure our phone calls are not continually disconnected. MS Case No: 1509495005.

Microsoft Cons: Poor service, Customer service not helpful, Constant issue with anything microsoft compared to apple.

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